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March 27, 2018

Treasure map from Snobby Shores

First of all, if you prefer to see the Snobby Shores Treasure Map solution in the video, just click Play:


We were able to locate two locations of the treasure map from Snobby Shores . The following picture shows you who is closest to the treasure location. This time you do not have to travel a long distance.

As you learned in Snobby Shores, the treasure is between two mountains and there between two trees . This can be a lot in Fortnite Glitch, but focus on the mountains near Snobby Shores. Here is the treasure hidden and the following picture shows you exactly where. Incidentally, the two mountains also serve as two of the targets on which you must land.

Find treasure map from Dusty Depot

If you have not found the Dusty Depot treasure map yet, let us first briefly explain where it is. If you want to find the treasure yourself, you can also look at the picture of the map that we have shown for you next.

Dusty Depot know players from Fortnite Battle Royale. This is this industrial site, with three adjacent warehouses . The interstices are blocked with a chain link fence and if you destroy this, you get between the camps. On one of the walls you will find the treasure map. The picture above shows you the locality.

Do not you feel like reading? Take a look at the following video that will take you both to the treasure map of Dusty Depot, as well as the treasure:

Find the treasure of Dusty Depot

Since you did not have to see the treasure map to find the treasure in the form of the Battle Pass Stars , you can simply follow our step-by-step guide to the find location. Do not put yourself under pressure, because the weekly tasks will stay with you until the end of Season 3. Of course, completing this task will help you to level up the Battle Pass, so get to the treasure!

Place your marker in the south-west of the map , between Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory. The following map shows you the exact location of the treasure. As you can see, the treasure map can be found in Dusty Depot, but the treasure waits a whole corner away.

Already at the jump, you may see a wooden fence encased in a yard and a huge wooden chair nearby . At this farm, you land and you are almost at the find site, which is displayed on the treasure map from Dusty Depot.

There is a fir next to the yard and as soon as you arrive you will see the golden star appear. Now all you have to do is Fortnite hack auf press the button that appears to collect the treasure and you're done.

And? Was not that hard, right? Although in the list of weekly challenges a (HEAVY) is behind this task. What do you think? If you still have problems finding the treasure, please leave us your questions in the comments.