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Tips and Tricks for Starting FIFA 17 Ultimate Team

It's never too late to start the Ultimate Team mode on FIFA! And if FIFA 17 is for you the beginning of this new and great adventure, we give you all the basic advice, that you are not totally lost.

For a few years now, the FUT mode (FIFA Ultimate Team) is an integral part of the game and has even become the competitive mode where the best players evolve. If for them, everything seems simple and the cogs are known by heart, Free FIFA 18 Coins Ultimate Team this is not the case for all players, especially new players. If you have arrived here, chances are you have just started in FUT, or you intend to do so in the near future.

You do not know what a form card is, or you are wondering if it is the best training to adopt in this mode of play? You do not understand absolutely anything about the Team Building Challenge, or you do not know which card to put in your midfielder to make it as sharp as possible? Well, we are here to answer all these questions!

If PES has already revealed its trailer and a release date, EA Sports has not yet communicated information about pièces gratuites de FIFA 18. The opportunity for us to fabulate on the novelties that we would like to see in this Next opus. 

Last year, EA Sports scored a big hit in the gaming world with the arrival of FIFA 17. A new graphic engine and a lot of new features, which allowed the franchise to cross a level in the world of gaming, eSports. A very satisfying game, which could nevertheless be improved next year thanks to our brilliant ideas. Here are 5 points that we would like to see (or review) in FIFA 18.

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The return of the fashion fiesta

A few months ago, a petition was launched by an Englishman to revive the fiesta mode, disappeared 6 years ago, in FIFA 18. For the few UFOs who do not know this wonderful mode of play, it allowed to s Fight with friends, and start matches with bonuses ... or malus (remove the offside, start with one or more goals in advance, play in superiority / numerical inferiority, lower the form of opponents, etc. ...)

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And inevitably: we would love to see this mode return to FIFA 18. Much fun, even more, pikes to throw at his friends, and the possibility of putting challenges impossible. We are totally fans, and EA Sports would please us with this nice gift.


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The return of futsal 

There we are squarely in the imagination. On FIFA 98 (the best game in the history of video games), it was possible to play in an indoor football mode. A real dingy.

Imagine this same mode, with the Frostbite graphics engine that EA Sports now uses. One could play in a neighborhood gymnasium with CR7, Messi, Diabate or Neymar, and chain the skills and humiliations. Dream.

For next year, it is hoped that the scenarios will be more numerous, that it will be possible to create his own avatar, or that Alex Hunter can play in another championship than the Premier League. Basically, we want EA Sport to duplicate the story mode of NBA 2K. Quite simply. 

Laurent Paganelli on the field 

Last year, EA Sports changed its composition to commentators, replacing Franck Sauzée by Pierre Menés. A new duo with Hervé Mathoux who will also be on FIFA 18, as we saw on the Twitter account of the host of Canal +. 

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And if there's a man we'd like to hear in the game (apart from Omar Da Fonseca), it's Laurent Paganelli. History adds a bit of humor, completely random translations, and lunar interviews. If it sounds utopian, "we wish you in any case" Paga.